Big Pointy Teeth  


Tulip Creek Falls
Tulip Creek Falls
Tulip Creek Falls at very start of thaw
Welcome To Big Pointy Teeth

This is my personal site mainly here because I have web space I am using so I can post pictures on the web and I figure I should have a site. The site is dedicated to nothing in particular but my photography if you can call it that is fairly prominent.

You will see that the site is divided up into several sections:
  • Home - Where you are now (not physically, but on the site)
  • Gallery - A collection of some of my favourite pictures, with a link to more
  • About - All about me, it is not the most exciting subject so you may as well not bother
  • Other - Random stuff. What I don't know yet
  • Contact - I will let you figure this one out
That is about all, nothing extraordinary here